Young’s Chocolate Spread - For Chocolate Lovers

Young’s Chocolate Spread is prepared from milk, cocoa powder and other Halaal ingredients.

It is used as dressing on Cakes, Cookies, Custard and Ice Cream.

Spread over a slice of bread and eat delicious chocolate sandwich.

Available Packs

Glass Bottle: 170g, 360g, 600g

ChocoBliss - The heavenly taste of rich & premium chocolate

ChocoBliss is a premium quality Chocolate Spread prepared from imported quality and Halaal ingredients.

It is available in two distinct flavors; Hazelnut Chocolate Spread & Milk Chocolate Spread. We believe that ChocoBliss indulgence will take the consumers in a new chocolaty world, its unique taste and top quality will make it a heart winner, both in Pakistan and abroad.

Available Packs

ChocoBliss Hazelnut Cocoa Spread
Tub Pack: 15g, 150g, 300g
Glass Bottle: 180g, 350g, 675g

ChocoBliss Milky Cocoa Spread
Tub Pack: 15, 150g, 300g
Glass Bottle: 180g, 350g, 675g

ChocoBliss Double Chocolate Cocoa Spread
Glass Bottle: 180g, 350g

ChocoBliss Peanut Cocoa Spread
Glass Bottle: 180g, 350g, 675g

ChocoBliss Crave - The real temptation of Chocolate

ChocoBliss Crave, a Dark & Milky touch of real temptation of chocolate desserts from the platform of Young’s (PVT) Ltd.

Crave is ideally used to prepare mouthwatering recipes of cakes, brownies, cookies, and other desserts.

The perfect combination of premium ingredients followed by International standards of manufacturing in European Plant makes Crave the most preferred choice for desserts chef.

Available Packs

ChocoBliss Crave Dark: 200g, 500g, 2 Kg
ChocoBliss Crave Milky: 200g, 500g


ChocoXpress is an economical cooking chocolate with an industrial usage.

Available Packs

Pack: 2 Kg

ChocoBliss Premium Dark

The premium cooking compound chocolate to prepare mouthwatering recipe of cakes, Brownies, cookies and desserts.

Premium chocolate contains cocoa powder which is used for the Finest Belgian Chocolate and elicited from repertoire of West African beans.
Bench marked with Imported Chocolates of Malaysian and European regions.
Crave Premium contains true bitterness of chocolate appealing Chocoholic target market.

Available Packs

Pack: 200g, 500g, 2 Kg