Welcome to Young's

Young’s started its operations in 1988 as a small food processing establishment in Karachi, Pakistan. From the beginning, people working at Young’s had the vision and passion to raise Young’s to new heights with products that meet the daily food needs of our consumers and offer high value of nutrition and convenience.

The first product launched by Young’s was Mayonnaise which received tremendous acceptance and appreciation from Pakistani consumers.

Another milestone in spreads category was “Young’s Chicken Spread” which was launched in 1989. Young’s was the first company to commercially manufacture Chicken Spread in the world. The journey of successful launches continued with Sandwich Spread, Chocolate Spread, Cooking Chocolate, Olive Spread, Dip Sauces and Natural Honey.

Today, Young’s enjoys successful brand leadership in Mayonnaise and Spreads category throughout Pakistan. Young’s is remarkably spreading in various parts of the world.

Corporate Philosophy

The corporate philosophy of Young’s is based on stronger belief that all the benefits come from the Creator of whole Universe, Allah. At Young’s, we believe that our organization is responsible to our Creator, our people and our business partners.

Core Values

1- Allah Pleasing

2- Responsive to Stakeholders

3- Mushawrat

4- Excellence

5- Improvement and Innovation


We will, Insha’Allah, be a brand of choice for consumers seeking Halal and Convenient food products in the Global Halal Food Market.

We will achieve this vision by continuously giving our customers true value for their money, developing our people, improving the way we work and thus developing a business model of excellence.


At Young’s, our mission is to provide our customers Halal, hygienic, healthy, nutritional, and convenient food products; through our customer-driven and service-oriented dynamic team. We strive to do business in accordance with the Islamic guidance and to develop a business model of excellence.