Young's Mayonnaise

Young's Mayonnaise is a blend of vegetable oil, eggs and high quality ingredients with an appealing taste. It is an ideal dressing used to enhance the taste of salads, burgers and sandwiches. Due to high tech manufacturing process and selected ingredients, Young's Mayonnaise retains its white creamy texture for a longer time.

It is also available in Aluminum Foil Packing (Stand Alone Pouch-SAP) with a spout for convenience which protects the products from air and light, thus retaining the product's original quality for a longer period of time. You can add taste to any meal with Young's Mayonnaise anytime, anywhere.

Available Packs:

4litres, 2litres, 1litre, 500ml SAP, 200ml Aluminum Pouch Packs
946ml, 300ml Glass Bottles

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