Manufacturing Facilities

Young's (Pvt.) Ltd. maneuvers three plants with the capacities to generate 20, 10 and 6 tons of production from each plant per shift. Our first two production plants are for mayonnaise and spreads, whereas, the latter is for the processing of natural honey. These units are compliant with Quality and Food Safety Management System.

The processing facilities also include chicken and vegetable processing units which are specifically designed for the processing of dressing chicken and fresh vegetables under highly hygienic and controlled conditions to keep them wholesome and healthy for longer periods. The spread manufacturing units are equipped with a Metal Detection System which scans the product to assure food safety.

Young's owns fully-automatic, programmable filling and packaging machine units. These efficient pneumatic units shape the packaging foil into SAPs (Stand Alone Pouches); giving them a curved design, filling in product, place the nozzle, spurges nitrogen in the headspace and seals it at a very high speed. Use of MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) for bottles and pouches ensures sustained quality products. Vacuum sealing for bottles and nitrogen splurging for SAPs reduce the risk of deterioration of the products. Automatic labeling, filling and packaging machines increase the efficiency of manufacturing units. Use of SPCs (Statistical Process Controls) in all the unit operations helps in increasing the uniformity of processes, improving quality of output and also facilitates in continuous improvement initiatives like TPM, TQM and Six Sigma.

Maintaining a food safety-oriented facility, the management serves to fulfill the modern trends of manufacturing. To uphold a controlled and hygienic environment, filtered air is used in the processing units where High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are installed with Heating Ventilation Air-conditioning and Cooling (HVAC) system. Plant washing through Clean-in-Place (CIP) system makes the unit more reliable and assures the safety of products being handled. To make products safer the manufacturing facility is equipped with hi-tech automatic hand washing stations where chances of cross contamination are non-viable. Manufacturing is done under the supervision of skilled staff and training sessions are also arranged on routine basis to increase workers' awareness.