Inspection & Testing Facilities

Young's produces excellent quality food products which are nutritional and convenient for its consumers. To maintain fine quality, Young's food products undergo a detailed procedure of quality assurance and testing at its Quality Assurance Department which branches into the Analytical Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory and Online Process Control. The departments comprise of well-trained and equipped personnel with high-technology gadgets to detect any risk of hazard and non-conformity in food products.

Young's Analytical Laboratory: It performs physical and chemical tests of international standards with efficient equipment and devices. This includes scrutiny of packaging material, raw material and finished products through quantitative analytical, sensory and screening procedures. The spectrum for monitoring at Young's is very vast from raw material to packaging material, in-process to finished products; all are proficiently checked.

Young's Microbiology Laboratory: Microorganisms play their part in affecting the quality of food. For this reason, a separate laboratory is established to observe, analyze and study the microbiological changes occurring in products. Pathogenic and spoilage organisms are also examined to remain in the range acceptable to cause no adverse effect on food. This facility is also being supplied various equipment to carry out the diverse tasks.

Young's Processing and Packaging Lines: This section is provided with high-technology instruments to observe and monitor the chain. It examines the product qualitatively and quantitatively as it undergoes the processing phases to the final products. They are committed to maintain the current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Young's (Pvt.) Ltd. has specific criterion for selection and evaluation of raw material and packaging goods attained from the suppliers. Their units are also inspected to coincide with the standards of Young's to keep up the mutual business understanding. Follow-ups with distributors and retailers are also carried out to assure that quality is maintained until the final product reaches the consumer.

Furthermore, Cross Samples from each batch of every product are stored in a Shelf-Life Store till they expire. In case of any complaint, samples are observed and cross-checked. This maintains an effective system of traceability and recall for better performance.